Friday, 2 April 2010

MISC REVIEW: The Golden City - John Twelve Hawks


A world that exists in the shadow of our own ...John Twelve Hawks' previous novels about the mystical Travellers and the Brethren, their ruthless enemies, generated an extraordinary following around the world. In "The Golden City", Twelve Hawks delivers the climax to his spellbinding epic. Struggling to protect the legacy of his Traveller father, Gabriel faces troubling new questions and relentless threats. His brother Michael, now firmly allied with the enemy, pursues his ambition to wrest power from Nathan Boone, the calculating leader of the Brethren. And Maya, the Harlequin warrior pledged to protect Gabriel at all costs, is forced to make a choice that will change her life forever.


Having followed this series from the first offering (The Traveller) I really had been looking forward to see how John Twelve Hawks would adapt his world and characters to the tales conclusion that would leave the reader either glutted or sadly as dissatisfied as the Hungry Ghosts in the Ghost City. Unfortunately, this felt more like an extension of the previous novel, which with hindsight may have been better to be held back so that they could be released in a smaller timescale, as I had forgotten a lot of what, had come before. It did do what it said it would and whilst the characters are just as engaging as ever I felt that the plot needed more work to keep the reader engaged as well as entertained. A sad ending to an otherwise cracking series.

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