Wednesday, 7 April 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Flesh Circus (Jill Kismet 4) - Lilith Saintcrow


The Cirque de Charnu has come. They will clean out the demons and the suicides and move on. As long as they stay within the rules, Jill Kismet can't deny them entry. But she can watch - and if they step out of line, she'll send them packing. When Cirque performers start dying grotesquely, Kismet has to find out why, or the fragile truce won't hold and her entire city will become a carnival of horror. She also has to play the resident hellbreed power against the Cirque to keep them in line and find out why ordinary people are needing exorcisms. And then there's the murdered voodoo practitioners, and the zombies. An ancient vengeance is about to be enacted. The Cirque is about to explode. And Jill Kismet is about to find out some games are played for keeps...


What do you get when the fourth novel in a series from Lili lands on my doorstep, a very happy reader. Why? She has great pace, cracking characterisation and a tale that leaves you satisfied when the last page is turned. What really makes Lili’s work satisfying is the sheer quality within met only by the passion with which each novel is written, add to that a fast turn around pace for each new novel and it’s a wonder that she manages to do it. Whilst you could read this offering without having read the others in the Jill Kismet series that would be great shame as her vulnerability backed up with her trust issues really does keep this kick ass heroine’s feet upon the ground which endears her to the readers.

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