Friday, 23 April 2010

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Green Lantern: Secret Origin - Geoff Johns, Ivan Reiss, Oclair Albert


The origin and training of Green Lantern Hal Jordan is chronicled in this new softcover collecting issues numbered 29-35 of the red-hot monthly series! But while Hal is inducted into the Corps, the Green Lantern called Sinestro investigates the death of Hal's predecessor, Abin Sur. Who - or what - could have killed this Lantern? And what does it all have to do with the event called 'The Blackest Night'?


I love DC and perhaps more importantly the Secret Origin’s that they have going. Here we get to grips with old fan favourite, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and how he obtained his Ring of power. An overall great story arc, some beautiful world myth weaving and also something that has managed to keep true to the facts that have appeared within other outings of the Green Lantern Core. Add to this some top notch artwork backed up by an almost super hero team of talent and you’ve got something to treasure and enjoy time and again. Cracker.

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