Wednesday, 28 April 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Dead Streets - Tim Waggoner


Meet Matt Richter. Private Eye. Zombie. His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis. Book two of the Nekropolis series sends Matt Richter out on another deathly adventure. More pulp than Pulp Fiction, more butt-kicking than Buffy, Dead Streets is the second in this deathly new series.


As a huge fan of the John Meaney Bone Song series, I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on this offering from Tim Waggoner as it followed a similar sort of premise. Yet the author does more than enough to make the world one of his own devising carefully utilising an Alan Moore type scenario where creatures of fiction, both written and film appear in cameo’s to aid in the tales depiction.

Carefully sculpted it really does give the reader a place that they can’t wait to discover and explore, yet whilst this is the second offering from Tim in the series its one that can be delved into with no prior knowledge of the original. Its UF in a new direction and probably will appeal to a great many readers especially those who love Zombies, Vamps, Frankenstein’s and of course Were’s. The only problem that you have now is where to find it. I believe it’s a step to the left and a jump to the right of from the centre of your usual fictional shelf. LOL

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Angela Addams said...

I like the sound of this...and the cover is really cool!