Thursday, 2 June 2011

ALTERNATE HISTORY REVIEW: Romitas 3: Savage City - Sophia McDougall

Release Date: 19/05/11


Imagine a world in which Rome never fell. Now the Empire stretches across the Atlantic, slaves are constructing a giant bridge over the Persian Gulf, and magnetic railways span the globe. But tensions within and without are about to change the face of the earth. Marcus Novius is caught in a massive explosion at the Coliseum which kills his uncle the emperor . . . making Marcus, his heir, the new leader of the Roman Empire. Marcus, the healer Sulien and Una, his sister - and Marcus' own love - have been together through thick and thin, fighting for freedom, fighting for their lives, fighting for justice, and Marcus' ascension to Roman throne was supposed to be the start of something magnificent . . . But Marcus is horribly wounded himself in the explosion, and Sulien is having problems fighting his way through the terrible devastation to be at his friend's - his emperor's - side. And it's not long before Sulien and Una realise life will never be the same again, for the Roman Empire is about to face its most dangerous enemy . . .


If you want a series that has great characters, wonderful plot arcs and all in works to improve itself with each successive book then you really have to try Romitas by Sophia McDougall. Within characters grow, they have a realistic bent and above all else they have the qualities that appeal to readers so that they hope that they’ll survive the trials and tribulations that are thrown at them.

Add to this a decent pace, some wonderful twists which when backed with a top notch writing style alongside the ability to surprise and shock the reader, leaves those enjoying this series in no doubt about its ability to be one of those to watch. All in, this series has been one of great fascination, one that seeks to deliver more and as such makes it almost too hard to put down, even when the sun is creeping over the horizon you’ll discover that there will be many readers thinking “Just one more chapter.”

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Angela Addams said...

This sounds really cool! I know how much work goes into writing historical - even if it's alternative history - it's still a lot of work to write which makes me appreciate it more somehow.