Friday, 24 June 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Avery Cates 5: The Final Evolution - Jeff Somers

Release Date: 16/06/11


The world is dying. With avatars replacing humans and the birth rate non-existent, the human race is almost extinct. Only one man could save it - and it's not Avery Cates. In the end, it comes down to Canny Orel, Avery's long sought after nemesis - transformed now into something other than human - and Cates. And when Cates chances on a way to trick the advantage away from the old master, he suddenly has a choice to make: get his long-delayed revenge, or save the world.


Having originally come across Jeff as a recommendation from Lilith Saintcrow I was more than pleasantly surprised at the depth of character, the rich world building and of course the depth of human depravity to which the world has sunk. It’s cleverly constructed and with so many positive lead characters in the literary world, its always refreshing to have the antihero at the centre of the story.

Over the series Avery has battled his way through, struggled for each breath and come damn close to death a number of times. Yet whilst realising that there were only so many stories to which a hero can lead it was always going to be interesting to see which way Jeff would take it. Here, everything collides in this fast paced Sci-Fi thriller as old enemies are at the centre as Avery struggles against the odds, the enemies and himself.

All in, with solid pace, good prose and cracking characterisation is a tale that readers of the series will devour and love to pieces. Great stuff and it’s with a sadness to see Avery’s last adventure as it really has been a highlight from start to finish.

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