Sunday, 5 June 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: The Adamantine Palace 3: The Order of the Scales - Stephen Deas

Release Date: 19/05/11


As the various factions fight for control of the Adamatine Palace mankinds nemesis approaches. The realms dragons are awakening from their alchemical sedation and returning to their native fury. They can remember why they were created and they now know what mankind has done to them. And their revenge will be brutal. As hundreds of dragons threaten a fiery apocalypse only the Adamantine Guard stand between humanity and extinction. Can Prince Jehal fight off the people who want him dead and unite their armies in one final battle for survival? Noted for its blistering pace, awesome dragons and devious polticking Stephen Deas's landmark fantasy trilogy moves to a terrifying epic conclusion in The Order of the Scales


To be honest I make no bones about having fallen for Stephens writing from the beginning. It has great hooks, it depends on character driven plot lines and the author is not above character’s petty minded bloodbaths in order to reach goals. Add to this a story that whilst relatively short is one that packs a lot of punch for its weight and will more than please the readers with its gritty style which when backed with decent dialogue and superb prose makes it a hard book to put down.

All in a great end to the original trilogy and one that will more than fulfil the brief that many readers have been demanding. Finally with one trilogy under his belt and a high octane young adult series to follow I see Stephen remaining a firm fan favourite for years and one that really does do fantasy to a high standard. Yes he might not be for everyone as it is not the à la mode Epic that has become so popular but it’s one that does what it does well with magical character description and depth of personality that make this a top notch series to help expand from YA Fantasy reading to the adult world. Great stuff.

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