Saturday, 4 June 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Temperance Brennan 13: Mortal Remains - Kathy Reichs

Release Date: 14/10/10


When Tempe is called to the scene of an autoerotic death, she has little idea of the tangled chain of events that will follow. Because the man whose body she is examining apparently died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam 40 years before. So who is buried in the soldier's grave?

Tempe's investigations take her to Honolulu where she is caught up not only in the mystery of the unidentified body in the soldier's grave, but also dragged into investigating who, or what, killed the young men whose body parts have floated up onto a popular Hawaiian beach. And as Tempe gradually unravels the tangled threads of the mystery, it becomes clear that there are some who would rather the past stays dead and buried. And when Tempe proves difficult to frighten, they turn their attention to the person who means more to her than anyone else in the world.


First of all, I’m going to inform the readers of the review not to get too excited about hearing about a new book released shortly called Spider Bones. Why? Well to be honest it’s this book under a different title, why publishers on different sides of the Atlantic decide to do this is anyone’s guess but more than one reader has been caught out by this previously so with luck we’ll save you some money with the warning. Now back to our thoughts.

Mortal Remains is the thirteenth title in the Temperance Brennan series and whilst the number bodes ill for most things, for Kathy it seems to have a bit of a charm about it. Yes its full of technical knowledge as well as up to date forensic methods but the real draw for readers (in my opinion) is Kathy’s style of storytelling which remains where the fans like it: Fun and Quirky, Add to this some wonderful misdirection that the reader as well as the characters fall for, a good dash of skulduggery and finish it off with the usual Kathy type ending and the reader really has a lot of fun in store. Murder never has had it so good.

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