Saturday, 18 June 2011

HISTORICAL CRIME REVIEW: Mist Over Pendle - Robert Neill

Release Date: 31/03/11


Seventeenth century England is a place of superstition and fear.

Deep in the Forest of Pendle, people have been dying in mysterious circumstances. The locals whisper of witchcraft, but Squire Roger Nowell, in charge of investigating the deaths, dismisses the claims as ridiculous. Until a series of hideous desecrations forces Roger and his cousin Margery to look further into the rumours. And what they discover brings them face to face with the horrifying possibility that a coven of witches is assembling, preparing to unleash a campaign of evil and destruction...

Robert Neill’s novel is a classic tale of witchcraft set in a wild inaccessible corner of Lancashire and in a time when the ancient fear of demons and witches was still a part of life… and death.


Living in the county to which this title is set, I was looking forward to see how the author would adapt and bring the 17th Century to life for the reader. It’s beautifully done, the landscape speaks and above all else the authors prose as well as pace leads the reader to a time of Witches and superstitions without fail.

Add to this a touch of archaic language through the dialogue and it’s wonderfully refreshing. The characters are outstanding; they feel real and as such allow the reader to find faults as well as boons within to allow them to connect. Back this up with great understanding as to the situations alongside a masterful story arc within and it’s a wonderful title. All in, it’s a story that will intrigue, it’s a title that will enthral and if you happen to have access to the wonderful Spooks Young Adult series by Joseph Delaney it’s one that will feel all too familiar. Cracking.

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