Wednesday, 29 June 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REISSUE: Fugue for a Darkening Island - Christopher Priest

Release Date: 09/06/11


Survivors of a terrible African war flee their blighted continent, and look for refuge in the countries of the West. But Britain is falling into civil war and anarchy. One of Christopher Priest's earliest novels, FUGUE FOR A DARKENING ISLAND is a powerful work whose subject matter has become increasingly relevant in recent years.


When you get the chance to go back and sample an established authors earlier titles you are either heavily delighted or disappointed that its not quite met the standards of later titles. Why people fall into one of these two camps I’m not sure but its something I’ve observed on more than one occasion. Whilst this one doesn’t have quite the polish or character development of later works such as The Extremes or The Quiet Woman, the concepts and dystopian ideas are present in this, his second novel.

As you’d come to expect its well written, the plot line thought provoking which when blended with what I term as a distinct vocal idiom really hooks the reader into this disturbing vision. Add to this decent dialogue some great twists and this really is a title that’s hard to put down. Hopefully more will get to enjoy this title and develop their love for his work from there.

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