Friday, 10 June 2011

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: The Boys: Wee Hughie Mini Series: Highland Laddie - Garth Ennis, Ill. Darick Robertson

Release Date: 28/04/11


After the events in the last Boys Graphic Novel, Wee Hughie goes back to his home town to recoup and get himself back together. As usual with Ennis, what you think is going to happen often doesn’t and as such this title really doesn’t miss the other “Boys” as many might think it would. Whilst this single character mini series is a little offbeat as well as a little different, it is one that really allows the reader the chance to get to know our favourite Scot better.

All in, its wonderfully written, the artwork, as usual is top class and the reader will be more than entertained. A great offering from Ennis and co and one that will allow for a wee break from the next instalment that will allow you time to grab your breath. Hold on, it’s going to be intensive.


When a book comes with notable author quotes its going to do one of two things, its either going to rub you up the wrong way in which case you’ll be setting your standards high or you’ll use it as a guide and pick up that title fairly sure that you’re going to enjoy it. Unfortunately I’m one of the former so whilst the name of George RR Martin (writer for a number of the new Outer Limits episodes as well as having the immensely successful Song of Ice and Fire series that is currently showing the first volume (Game of Thrones) on a TV near you) does carry some weight with it, I tend to expect a lot more from a debut author.

What this book does is give you a Space Opera on the scale of Star Wars and whilst it is set strictly in our own Universe, James has taken the time out to make sure that whilst we’ve expanded our reach, each culture has its own differences as well as having their own histories built upon the Earths original.

Add to this a huge scope for a complex plot, a couple of great principle players and whilst at times they may come over as a little clichéd it’s the sheer scale that really sells this title. Finally throw into the mix some great prose, solid pace as well as some decent Space Battles with murderous double dealing alongside politics and it’s a title that all round was pretty satisfying.

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