Tuesday, 14 June 2011

ART BOOK REVIEW: Sketch Card Mania - Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez

Release Date: 26/05/11


Sketch cards are trading-card-sized pieces of original art, usually 2.5' X 3.5,' randomly inserted into non-sports trading card sets with themes like Star Wars , Indiana Jones , Hulk , Lord of the Rings and the popular 1998 Marvel Creator's Collection by Fleer . Companies typically commission them from artists in series, and the companies randomly insert them into packs of cards that fans hope to pull when purchased. It's so popular now that fans want more than the cards from packs; they want personalised sketch cards directly from their favourite artists, including many up-and-coming artists. This title includes: a history of sketch cards; step-by-step process of creating sketch cards; personalising your cards with your own designs on the back; creating a portfolio; and, selling and trading your work. It also includes profiles/case studies of different artists in sidebars throughout the book. It's easy, it's fun, and you can do it too!


I’ve read a fair few books about how to create wonderful pieces of art but very few ever really deal with getting yourself out there and getting your work seen by the people in the know. Whilst this title does deal some of the basics the majority is a book about creating small pieces of art that can go into a portfolio as well as creating a set of cards that can be tailored to your audience. It has great marketing techniques (that artists and writers can utlise) as well as tips and tricks on the use of social media and how to behave mixed in with artistic tips.

All in a satisfactory book that gives a lot back to the upcoming artist through experience gained by the authors. It’s a great tool for others to use and whilst it won’t guarantee you a job it will help you make the right first impression in a tough industry. Great stuff.

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