Sunday, 31 July 2011

CRIME REVIEW: The Mysteries of the Greek Detective 5: The Whispers of Nemesis - Anne Zouroudi

Release Date: 04/07/11


It is winter in the mountains of northern Greece and as the snow falls in the tiny village of Vrisi a coffin is unearthed and broken open. But to the astonishment of the mourners at the graveside, the remains inside the coffin have been transformed, and as news of the bizarre discovery spreads through the village like forest fire it sets tongues wagging and heads shaking. Then, in the shadow of the shrine of St Fanourios (patron saint of lost things), a body is found, buried under the fallen snow - a body whose identity only deepens the mystery around the exhumed remains. There's talk of witchcraft, and the devil's work - but it seems the truth, behind both the body and the coffin, may be far stranger than the villagers' wildest imaginings. Hermes Diaktoros, drawn to the mountains by a wish to see an old and dear friend, finds himself embroiled in the mysteries of Vrisi, as well as the enigmatic last will and testament of Greece's most admired modern poet. The Whispers of Nemesis is a story of desperate measures and long-kept secrets, of murder and immortality and of pride coming before the steepest of falls.


I love a crime book that takes me either somewhere exotic or an area of the world I’ve never been before as this presents me with the chance to explore not only the seedy underbelly of society there but also the beliefs as well as rites that are common for the area to add a bit more mystique as well as spice to the tail.

What this book by Anne Zouroudi presented for me was a wonderful piece of escapism as I was taken by the hand to a land rich in folklore as well as modern interpretations. It’s cleverly written, the plot line spectacular and when added with a lead character that was multifaceted so that I could get to grips with him, it really made the story sing. Add to this the multi-layered perspectives of the principle players and it was an omnipotent title for the reader to digest. All in a wonderful addition to anyone’s Crime Fiction library and one that I will definitely endeavour to read the earlier titles for in order to get the full impact of this wonderful author.

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