Friday, 8 July 2011

NEWS: Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, winner of a versatile blogger award. I’d like to thank those at the academy, those who supported me…. Oh wait that’s the wrong speech.

Thanks to Tammy for this, here as part of the proviso for winning are seven little known facts:

1) I am a secret superhero known as Catman, he who does what the felines in his house demand (perhaps due to their mind control bugs), able to open pouches at the speed of a human, follow simple instructions on autopilot such as Tickle Now (I apparently tickle them in my sleep.) Oh wait, dammit again, I’m just a hummie.

2) My Calendar shocks lots of people, most people have appointments, film or music release dates. Mine has Books.

3) I play the guitar in a fingerpicking style.

4) I was never much good at school work but managed to get myself a BA degree.

5) I saved and healed a gerbil who developed a sore with my magnificent saline gerbil cape (Copyright pending.)

6) I nearly died as a Baby and spent months in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

7) I love to cook, usually Italian food and have worked hard at developing a whole range of veggie meals for my other half which taste pretty good to me as well.

Other than this, I now have the pleasure of passing the award onto:
Dianne Waye to help encourage her to blog.
Anne Michaud for always making me think.


Bea said...

Aww, a gerbil saviour & a cat slave. <3

It's not your calendar that's shocking but your ability to read so many books. Holy Printing Press Catman!

dianne waye said...

Thanks for the award! A great interview with Ransom.

Pat Hollett said...

I like finding out more about you. There are some interesting facts there which I enjoyed reading.
Caped crusader making Italian food sounds very funny! :) Cheers Gareth.