Monday, 18 July 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Kitty Norville 9: Kitty's Big Trouble - Carrie Vaughn

Release Date: 14/07/11


Kitty Norville is back and in more trouble than ever. Her recent run-in with werewolves traumatised by the horrors of war has made her start wondering how long the US government might have been covertly using werewolves in combat. Have any famous names in our own history actually been supernatural? Then an interview with the right vampire puts her on the trail of Wyatt Earp, vampire hunter. But her investigations lead her to a clue about enigmatic vampire Roman and the mysterious Long Game played by vampires through the millennia. That, plus a call for help from a powerful vampire ally in San Francisco, suddenly puts Kitty and her friends on the supernatural chessboard, pieces in dangerously active play. And Kitty Norville is never content to be a pawn ...


Whilst a fan of the Kitty Norville series, I was a little disappointed with the previous outing which felt more like two short stories blended to try and make a full length novel. This one bounced the reader back to the main theme and gave them the chance to see Roman at his worst doing what he does best as hell breaks loose in the China Town district of San Francisco.

As usual with Carries writing style it’s addictive with Kitty’s witisms as well as sarky-snark keeping you chuckling along during the darker times. Obviously add to this cracking back up cast with Cormac developing due to his new spiritual inhabitant, great prose and of course a fast moving plot line which made this a through joy to read. Great stuff.

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