Saturday, 23 July 2011

FACTUAL REVIEW: Discovering Highwaymen - Russell Ash

Release Date: 12/06/11


Daring hold-ups and amazing exploits made some highwaymen heroes in their lifetime and legends in ours. Indeed, some were just as we imagine them: fearless cavaliers, carefree and romantic knights in three-cornered hats, and true gentlemen of the road. Yet many more, such as the semi-mythical Dick Turpin, were unmitigated rogues who simply sought easy money. In this book Russell Ash writes about both sorts of highwaymen, their different backgrounds and methods, the measures taken against them, and the punishments they suffered, as well as some of the locales, inns and taverns they are supposed to have frequented. Discovering Highwaymen concludes with the biographies of the twelve most famous examples, from Jerry Abershaw to Dick Turpin, recounting their legendary adventures and often grisly ends.


Stand and Deliver, Russell Ash brings the Age of Highwaymen to the reader in this compact and fascinating title from Shire as his book takes you from the various methods to routes trolled by the modern romanticised characters and on to various heroes who we now only know of in folklore.

Its expressive, it’s creative and above all else it’s a title that can be dipped into on various short journeys that makes this a cracking title to enjoy. Add to this a cleverly constructed narrative that the reader will fall for the charms of and it’s a book that all in is pleasing as well as informative. Great stuff.

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