Thursday, 7 July 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Heroes 4: Sigvald - Darius Hinks

Release Date: 07/07/11


Prince Sigvald the Magnificent has struck a pact with his Slaaneshi masters that bestows incredible power and beauty, but drives him to ever greater acts of hedonism. Despite his pre-eminence, the champion of Chaos is tricked into an impossible war with the promise of a powerful artefact to slake his dark desires. After centuries of debauchery, Sigvald rouses his army and leads them to battle against the legions of the Blood God Khorne. Obsessed with the Brass Skull, the object of his misguided yearnings, Sigvald is unaware his enemies are closing in around him. In a hellish quest that drives him across the twisted landscape of the Chaos Wastes and culminates in an epic confrontation, he realise that the lures of Slaanesh can never be sated.


Whilst all roads lead to Rome in the real world, it feels that when you venture into the chaos wastes of the Warhammer world all roads lead to Sigvald. Or rather that’s the impression that you get within the pages of this title. There’s adventure, there’s a clash of wills and an ego the size of chaos god waiting for all who are foolhardy enough to venture into his realm. Add to this a cleverly created arc that will deal with double dealing machinations from the title characters followers, the sleek mind of an Empire Baron seeking to further his own goals and of course an epic battle for vengeance from the Norsicans as well as a champion of an opposing chaotic power.

Back that up with great prose, solid bloody combat alongside dialogue that will enrapture the reader as well as ensnare them into Darius’ own web and it’s a title that was more than a pleasurable experience. All in great fun and I look forward to seeing what Darius hits back with next time, as for me, he’s fast becoming an addictive author in the Black Library stables.

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