Thursday 9 February 2012

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Hollywood Hills - Joseph Wambaugh

Release Date: 07/02/12


For the streetwise cops of Hollywood Station, dealing with the panhandlers, prostitutes and costumed crackheads of the boulevard is all in a day's work. If they're lucky, surf-mad partners Flotsam and Jetsam can spend the morning calming the crazies and the afternoon policing the babes on the beach. But beyond the lights and the crowds on the Walk of Fame, the real Los Angeles simmers dangerously. And when things heat up, even veterans like Viv Daley will see things that they'll wish they could forget. In the hills above town, it's a different world, where sports-car-studded driveways lead to sprawling villas stuffed with clothes and jewels. Up here, pickings are easy for the Bling Ring - a group of photogenic young addicts who knock off celebrity cribs to fund their next fix. Even experienced cop and wannabe filmstar Nate HollywoodA" Weiss has struck gold in the hills. Leona Bruger, wife of an Industry Mover and Shaker, has taken a fancy to him. Although he knows the Hollywood maxim - you don't pet the cougars, especially if they belong to the boss - Nate reckons that a leg-over might be just the leg-up he needs. What Weiss doesn't realise is that his new flame's crooked art-dealer is about to pull a forgery scam right under his nose. And when a pair of desperate junkies hit on a foolproof plan to pay their drug debts with a stolen painting, things get very complicated indeed -


If you love a crime thriller, then this title by Joseph will hit the spot as Viv Daley is pulled into the glitz and glamour of the jet set in this police procedural novel that will hit all the marks to keep the most ardent crime fan happy. It has some good solid twists, the principle character is believable and when added to a no nonsense attitude, it’s a story that will more than please fans of this type of crime tale.

Add to this an author who knows how the wring the reader through the mangle to get them to the pay off and overall this story was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Great fun all in and definitely a title I’m lending to my grandfather.

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