Tuesday, 28 February 2012

FICTION REVIEW: Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult

Release Date: 28/02/12


When Luke Baxter is involved in a car accident which leaves him in a coma, his family are gathered together against the odds; and they face an impossible dilemma.

His daughter Cara is praying for a miracle. She will fight everything and everyone to save her father's life.

His son Edward can't imagine that a man who once ran with wolves could ever be happy with a different life. But he hasn't spoken to Luke for six years. How can he dare to speak on his father's behalf?

But now they must choose:

Do they keep Luke alive, hoping for a miracle?

Or do they let him go?

What would you do?


Jodi Picoult is well known for her ability to not only tug at the readers heartstrings but give them a story that they can fall in love with as they get to know the characters within and yet this one has something a little different within, chapters about the behaviour of wolves which also mimics to a certain degree the mannerisms of humans. Its cleverly done, the plot line may throw some readers and if you have no interest in wolves it may well not be the best book for you.

Personally I had a lot of fun reading this title as its different chapters allowed me to take breaks from the high tension within with the authors careful and meticulous research coming to the fore. Add to this characters that I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next to alongside solid pace and dialogue left me reading late into the early morning until the last page was turned.


Pat Hollett said...

I had another friend recommend Jodi's books before but seriously haven't had the time to add her to my list. I will soon, and thanks for the insight Gareth! :)

Sverige said...

This book captivated me right from the beginning. I read it for several hours straight, and when I could no longer stay awake to continue, I found myself constantly thinking about it throughout the next day. I couldn't wait to get back to it! All of the main characters were compelling, but I was especially drawn to Ian Fletcher, whose true nature is revealed gradually and dramatically as the book progresses. I found myself re-reading the touching scenes several times. An incredibly beautiful story!