Saturday, 11 February 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Alex Craft 2: Grave Dance - Kalayna Price

Release Date: 02/02/11


"Memories hid in every cell of the body. Memories that my grave magic could unlock and give shape as a shade. Of course, that depended on having enough of the body at my disposal for my magic to fill in the gaps". After a month spent recovering from a vicious fight with a sorcerer, Grave Witch Alex Craft is ready to get back to solving murders by raising the dead. With her love life in turmoil thanks to the disappearance of FBI agent Falin Andrews and Death's shocking 'L word' confession, Alex is eager for the distractions of work. But her new case turns out to be more of a challenge than she was expecting. The police hire Alex to consult on a particularly strange investigation in a nature preserve. The strange part? There are no bodies, just leftover pieces. With a probable serial killer on the loose and no way to raise a shade without a body, Alex will have to rely solely on her ability to sense the grave to lead her to the dead. But with the strain of overusing her magic, this might be the last case Alex ever solves...


Having loved the clever way that the author created the world to which Alex Craft inhabits I couldn’t wait to see what would occur with the love triangle and wonderfully dark scenarios’ that the character ends up in. What occur’s in this, the second outing, is a story that will lead the reader to wonder about the interactions within, some cracking character development and a story that will weave itself into the readers heart as the emotional and the physical collide in a tale that leads the reader to wonder what is the lesser evil.

Add to this an author who has upped her game from the first outing, some wonderful adaptation backed up with a kickass heroine who won’t let go once she gets the bit between her teeth, backed up with some great backstory and the reader is in for a high octane tale. Cracking.

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