Thursday, 2 February 2012

CUISINE REVIEW: Love to Cook - Waitrose Cookery School

Release Date: 02/02/12


Ever wished you knew how to fillet a fish or joint a chicken; or how to make sweet pastry or an authentic tagine? This book brings you the collected wisdom of the Waitrose Cookery School chefs, who share their know-how, pass on their passion for fresh ingredients, and make cooking fun! There are step-by-step guides to nifty techniques, clear descriptions of ingredients and how they perform and, of course, a collection of mouth-watering recipes that run the gamut from simple suppers to fine dining and everything in between. Asian-inspired dishes, roasts, exotic stews, fresh salads, pasta, delicious desserts - whatever your level of expertise, once you master the skills you will soon be preparing sumptuous spreads for family and friends.


I’m a foodie, that probably comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me but what does come as a bit of a shock is that I like the Australian way of doing things, good ingredients that make the most of any meal’s star that use components that compliment rather than disguise, that enhance rather than detract.

What makes this book a little different to the vast majority out there are the tutorials that help you learn some skills such as how to fillet fish and how to joint a chicken which whilst considered elementary by those in the chef trade, are skills that frighten the hell out of most household cooks., myself included. Add to this a list of key equipment for the kitchen and it’s a wonderful book. However, my main gripe for this section, is that I would have liked a shot of the various knives that they decide are essential, after all I don’t own a fish filleting knife and I’m still really not sure what they look like. Likewise when they’re recommending a knife set at a hefty price (£274) I would have liked to see what many would consider affordable alternatives for the average kitchen user. Whilst this may seem minor, I do feel that it something that should be included in future editions.

That said, after the skill section is a whole host of wonderful recipes from many different styles as well as laid out in easy to follow steps alongside the occasional image to make sure that you have the keys to a successful outcome. Finally add to this tips on how to lay out a plate for the maximum appeal and you have a book that will be used time and again. Great stuff.

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