Sunday, 5 February 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Luthor Huss - Chris Wraight

Release Date: 06/02/12


Witch hunter Lukas Eichmann investigates a series of bizarre murders, which ultimately lead him into the haunted depths of the Empire at the head of an army of fanatical warriors. In the Drakwald Forest, Luthor Huss, warrior priest of Sigmar, battles to free the denizens of the forest from a plague of the walking dead. As their fates entwine, the two warriors confront a threat that will decide their future, while Huss must face a secret from his past if he is to survive and embrace his destiny as the Hammer of Sigmar.


In a dark world there has to be beacons of light and that’s exactly what this latest title from Chris Wraight brings to the fore as one of Sigmar’s Priests raises the Warhammer to fight the dark taint alongside a Witch Hunter. It’s dark, it demonstrates that even when hope looks bleak there are those who pick up the gauntlet and of course, brings a tale packed with action, death and blood to the reader.

The prose is sharp, the action heavily packed into the pages and when you add an overall arc that gives the reader what they want, it’s a book that doesn’t hold back. Great fun all round and a great way to kick off the new year. Magical.

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