Monday, 27 February 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Dog Faced Gods Trilogy (3): The Chosen Seed - Sarah Pinborough

Release Date: 16/02/12


His nephew has been kidnapped and, as he works desperately to save Luke, Detective Inspector Cass Jones has been framed for murder. He's on the run, being hunted by former colleagues, and is unwelcome wherever he goes . . . until he gets help from a very unexpected figure from his past. Detectives Hask and Ramsey are on a different case - searching for the killer behind the lethal Strain II virus currently sweeping its way through London . . . a search which throws up an unexpected clue that suggests Cass might be innocent of murder after all. But when they're ordered not to investigate further, they realise the mystery behind the murder is far greater than they thought. Somehow it's linked to Mr Bright, and to the Network which manipulates everyone from the shadows. A rift is growing between these rival factions as Strain II takes a firmer hold on the city, and as the Interventionists warn of a final battle which will bring them all together - or, once and for all, tear everything apart. Cass Jones is going up against The Bank and its sinister employees one last time. He needs every ally he can get, and this time he means to find answers - even if he has to uncover the true history of humanity to do it. And the more he learns, the more everything hinges on finding Luke . . .


Sarah is an author who has pretty much mastered the art of sleight of hand, just as you think you know what’s happening, she pulls something out that you really didn’t see coming and leaves you wondering how in the hell she did that. Add to this the usual cast of great characters who’re fully fleshed alongside a plotline that delivers horror and treachery in abundance as well as giving the reader a full octane knuckle gripping ride and it’s a tale that was a pure joy to read.

Finally add to the mix an edge of the seat of your pants to the Dog-Faced Gods trilogy, alongside paranoia of an almost Roman level and it really is the best of the lot. I’m really going to miss this series and think a reread will be in order in the near future.

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