Monday, 30 July 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Sharps - KJ Parker

Release Date: 19/07/12


For the first time in nearly forty years, an uneasy truce has been called between two neighbouring kingdoms. The war has been long and brutal, fought over the usual things: resources, land, money ...Now, there is a chance for peace. Diplomatic talks have begun and with them, the games of skill and chance. Two teams of fencers represent their nations at this pivotal moment. When the future of the world lies balanced on the point of a rapier, one misstep could mean ruin for all.


As a huge reader, KJ Parker is an author I always make time for, the books have solid characters, wonderful plot lines and of course some magical twists that are as deft as a fencing match which is quite appropriate considering the manner of this tale. Whilst it does start off slow, the reader is given a wonderful introduction to the key players as they wend their merry way to the key point in the tale.

Add to this the fact that it’s a rich tapestry of description and play which when added to sharp prose alongside solid dialogue all in makes this a cracking read for any fan of fantasy tales. Great stuff.

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ediFanoB said...

Sharps is part of my summer reading list and since I read your review I know why.