Sunday, 8 July 2012

MUSIC REVIEW: The Dolls of New Albion - Paul Shapera

Release Date: 08/05/12


A Steampunk Opera is a 90 minute, 4 Act story which follows four generations of McAlistairs in the fantastical city of New Albion.
LAUREN OSBORN as Annabelle, Fay, Amelia & Priscilla
JASON BRODERICK as Edgar, Byron & Soldier 7285
and KAYLEIGH MCKNIGHT as Your Narrator


I love musicals, and whilst you always tend to hear about the West End side of things, there’s some crackers out there that don’t get the acclaim that they should. One such example is The Dolls of New Albion by Paul Shapera which brings Steampunk to the fore with themes explored within that is part Frankenstein, part spirit of man. Its quirky, the various acts blend together with a wonderful recurrent theme and when added to the vocal talent within make this a title that would work wonderfully an animated film.

Add to this some cracking lyrics snippets that remind you of other musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable and Cats and all in this album is something unique and different. Definitely worth checking out on Bandcamp. Great stuff.

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