Thursday, 19 July 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION: Warrior or Rome: The Wolves of the North - Harry Sidebottom

Release Date: 19/07/12


In the fifth novel in Harry Sidebottom's acclaimed and bestselling "Warrior of Rome" historical fiction series, Ballista returns in "Warrior of Rome: The Wolves of the North" to undertake yet another epic mission - while the Roman Empire reels in chaos around him. AD 263 - the Roman Empire is close to turmoil, violent uprising threatening to shatter the fragile balance of power. In the north, the tribes are increasingly bold in their raids on the Imperium - their savagery unlike anything Rome has known before. Ballista must undertake his most treacherous journey yet - a covert attempt to turn the barbarians against each other. He must face the Heruli - the Eaters of Flesh, the Wolves of the North - the most brutal tribe of them all. As Ballista and his retinue make their journey, someone - or something - is hunting them, picking them off one by one, and leaving a trail of mutilated corpses and terror. Ballista is in a strange land, among strange people, but is it possible that the greatest threat may come from within his own familia? Harry Sidebottom's "Warrior of Rome: The Wolves of the North" is a nail-biting, action packed epic tale of rebellion and terror set in the Roman Empire. "A book to keep you up well past your bedtime". ("Evening Standard"). "Blazes with searing scholarship". ("The Times"). Dr Harry Sidebottom is a Fellow of St Benet's Hall and lecturer at Lincoln College, Oxford - where he specializes in ancient warfare and classical art. His previous books in the "Warrior of Rome" series, "Fire in the East", "King of Kings", "Lion of the Sun" and "The Caspian Gates" have all been bestsellers and are all published by Penguin.


Harry is one of those authors that I really love to spend time with. He takes me far away from our own world and throws me back to the ancient days of Rome as his principle hero seeks to help keep order in the Empire. Its creative, its wonderfully written and with great prose alongside high octane action sequences, he’s an author that really does deliver.

Add to this great research and an ability to keep you informed without the use of an info dump and all in this book was a pure joy to read. Magical writing and of course an author who sets standards for readers to follow.

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