Friday, 27 July 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Sadie Walker is Stranded - Madeleine Roux

Release Date: 19/07/12


Sadie Walker fights for survival as the undead close in... In the months since The Outbreak, Seattle has become a walled citadel - the Infected are kept at bay but the city is rife with kidnappings, religious cults and black-market dealings. And things are about to get much, much worse. A group of frustrated religious fanatics, the 'Repopulationists', destroy part of the wall and zombies swarm the city. Devastated by the brutal kidnapping of her nephew, illustrator Sadie Walker flees Seattle with her best friend Andrea and secures passage on a boat with no destination. The ragtag bunch aboard the ship are thrown ashore by a storm and stumble across what appears to be a thriving survivors camp. The shipwrecked group, relived to find food, shelter and friendship, relax into the rhythm of the community's existence. But then people start to disappear...


When she arrived on the scene with her first book (Alison is Trapped) I really loved the way that she brought the characters to life throughout the pages with humorous quirks alongside the dread of the situation. It worked wonderfully well for me, so much so that I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second title Sadie Walker is Stranded.

What unfurls within is a title that works to Madeleine’s strengths, solid characterisation, a wonderfully seemingly simple disaster that is complicated by mankind and a plot with a serious pace that keeps you chugging along.

All in this book was great fun to read and a real joy to escape some of the more serious titles I’ve been reading, add to this a lead character I could get behind as well as root for and I was a really happy reader. Great stuff.

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