Thursday, 5 July 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Tales of Egil and Nix 1: The Hammer and the Blade - Paul S Kemp

Release Date: 05/07/12


Kill a demon. Steal the treasure. Retire to a life of luxury. Sounds easy when you put it like that. Unfortunately for Egil and Nix, when the demon they kill has friends in high places, retirement is not an option. File Under: Fantasy; Derring Don't; Hammer Time; Family Affair; and, Hell Spawn.


As a huge fan of fantasy I feel that there are times when I want something that bridges the gaps between the modern tales of heroes and the old where they struggle through by luck, smarts and of course combat skills only to face something that they’re totally unprepared for so when I get the chance to explore a book by a well-known author I jump at the chance.

What Paul brings to the table with this new series is a tale of friendship, of action, forward planning and of course intrigue that blends elements of Fritz Lieber, David Eddings alongside the Forgotten Realms authors in one huge epic that was a pure joy to read.

The pace was electric, the twists organic and when you add to the mix an author with enough experience to make sure that everything feels natural as it develops really makes this a joy to read. Finally throw into the mix some solid dialogue and characters that were like Mana from heaven and all in I was a satisfied reader.

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