Saturday, 8 December 2012

FACTUAL REVIEW: Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies - Ed. Hallie Rubenhold

Release Date: 08/11/12


The history of the scandalous 18th-century bestseller, 'Harris' List', an infamous guidebook of prostitutes which detailed addresses, physical characteristics and 'specialities' and sold over 250,000 copies over 20 years.


Trying to find some Christmas gifts are always going to be tricky and to be honest I love it when I find something that’s not only quirky but something that I find interesting. That’s exactly what you get in this modern edited version of the “Pimpmaster of England”’s collection brought to the modern reader by Hallie Rubenhold.

It’s based on a popular printed series from the 19th Century bringing the advantages of some of the street girls for the gentlemen of the time which goes to show that nothing sells like sex even way back then. The guide is a book that I found fascinating and when added to the quirkiness factor could make quite an interesting gift for the history fan in your household.

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