Wednesday, 12 December 2012

SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Bloodquest: Prisoners of the Eye of Terror - Ben Counter

Release Date: 06/12/12


Travelling across the daemon world of Eidolon in search of the stolen Blade Encarmine, Blood Angels Captain Leonatos and his battle-brothers are saved from death by another servant of the Emperor, Murius Aquinam. To their surprise, they recognise his name – he fought alongside the Blood Angels four thousand years ago. Can he still be trusted after four millennia in the Eye of Terror, or is he as much of a threat as the servants of Chaos that they fight?


I love an audio book that not only brings together great vocal talent but wonderful storytelling and that’s exactly what I got from this title published by the Black Library, it has a wonderful pace, top notch prose but for me it’s the dialogue and the vocals that really make this title stand out. Each works extremely well and if you’re looking for something to help full up those Christmas Day Blues or perhaps even to enjoy whilst either painting your newly acquired miniatures or gaming, then this CD is definitely one for you.

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