Friday, 21 December 2012

STEAMPUNK HUMOUR: The Educated Ape and Other Wonders - Robert Rankin

Release Date: 15/11/12


An epic in four movements, this is the third book in Robert Rankin's highly acclaimed meta-Victorian series. Comparable to Pratchett or Douglas Adams, the Father of Far Fetched Fiction has pulled out all of the stops with this riotous tale of wicked women, a dangerous detective and Darwin the educated ape. Lord Brentford has a dream. To create a Grand Exposition that will showcase The Wonders of the Worlds and encourage peace between the inhabited planets of Venus, Jupiter and Earth. Ernest Rutherford has a dream. To construct a time ship, powered by the large hadron collider he has built beneath the streets of London . Cameron Bell is England's greatest detective and he, too, has a dream. To solve the crime of the century before it takes place, without blowing up any more of London's landmarks. Darwin is a monkey butler and he also has a dream. To end Man's inhumanity to Monkey and bring a little joy into the world. Lavinia Dharkstorrm has a dream of her own. Although hers is more of a nightmare. To erase Man and Monkey alike from the face of the Earth and to hasten in the End of Days. Then there is the crime-fighting superlady, all those chickens from the past and the unwelcome arrival of The Antichrist. Things are looking rather grim on planet Earth.


If you’re looking for a book that is different to any other out there then Rankin could well be the man for you, he has a touch of the mad scientist hidden within his mind that also brings the wonders of a possible Victorian age to the readers imagination. He’s quirky, he has quite a twisted imagination and when added to the wonders of what he decides to expose the reader to makes this something that you’ll either love or hate.

Personally I had a good bit of fun taking the scenic tour through this outing and when added to some wonderfully inventive concepts, solid prose and some more than interesting characters really makes this a book that I was pleased I spent the time with.

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