Thursday, 6 December 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Time of Legends: Blood of Nagash 1: Neferata - Josh Reynolds

Release Date: 06/12/12


Neferata is a queen without a kingdom. Lahmia has fallen, her vampire children have scattered and she is reduced to draining blood from the beasts of the mountains. After a chance encounter with a party of dwarfs, she sets her sights on a capital for her new empire – the stronghold of Silver Pinnacle. She calls her allies to battle – but can she truly trust Ushoran, Lord of Masks, and his bestial Strigoi vampires?


The Queen of the Vampires comes into her own in this, her part of the Time of Legends Series that is not only wonderfully written but also delightfully complex as she plays a game of cat and mouse with the infamous Nagash. It’s full of horror, bloody combat and of course a whole section on her discoveries during the years when the Great Sorcerer slumbered.

Throw into the mix some cracking sleight of hand, personal goals alongside defiance and all in fans of the Vampires will more than enjoy spending their time within the pages. Finally back it all up with a wonderful storytelling style, solid prose and a lead character that’s deliciously complex and all round it’s a great addition to the growing series.

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