Wednesday, 12 December 2012

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: The Cursed Earth Saga, The Day the Law Died and The Dark Judges - John Wagner et al

Release Date: 02/02/12


A ROAD TRIP THROUGH HELL! Mega-City One, 2100. A deadly plague developed during the brutal 'Great Germ War' has reached the futuristic metropolis of Mega-City Two, located on the West Coast of the USA. Charged with delivering a life-saving vaccine to the citizens of the disease-ridden city, Judge Dredd and a small crew of Judges, war droids and the lawbreaking biker, Spikes Harvey Rotten, must travel a thousand miles across the radioactive wasteland known as 'the Cursed Earth.' It is a near-impossible journey hate-filled mutants, rampaging monsters and crazed war robots populate the hellish stretch of terrain. Many men have attempted to cross it and most have failed. But Judge Dredd is the best there is!


I love spending the time with my head wrapped up in a graphic novel and when I have time to return to the cursed earth travelling the road with MegaCity One’s hardest judge then you know its something that I’m going to do.

What occurs within this title is the full Cursed Earth Saga that really brings all of the flavour of this epic tale to the reader, with artwork that brings the heavy action to the fore as Dredd sets out to save Mega City 2. Whilst I have loved spending my time with this book, one criticism that I do have is that for me the writing is too small to keep reading for any length of time, so when you do make sure you have a bright light and a set of glasses to help you out.

Release Date: 11/06/12


It is a dark time in the history of Mega-City One. Having employed blackmail and coercion in order to topple the balance of power within the Justice Department, the tyrannical head of the Special Judicial Squad Judge Cal has managed to secure the position of Chief Judge. The crazed Cal has enlisted the help of an army of reptilian alien mercenaries known as the Kleggs, appointed his pet goldfish as deputy Chief Judge and framed Judge Dredd for murder in order to maintain power. But Dredd is the kind of Judge who doesn't go down too easily and together with a rebel army made up of other Judges and citizens, prepares to fight back. Can Judge Dredd succeed against all odds and defeat Judge Cal before he destroys the entire population of Mega-City One?


Within this title Dredd sets out to free Mega City One from the tyrannical rule of the Chief Judge and all that really needs to be said is that this book really stands out on its own for readers. It has a great storyline, some wonderful tiwsts which when blended with cracking artwork really grabs the reader and holds on.

As with the others my only criticism is that for me, the writing is too small to make it easy reading, but other than that its still a wonderful addition to any 2000AD fans collection.

Release Date: 13/09/12


An all-time-classic in a small paperback format. Judge Dredd's ultimate nemesis has arrived. His name is Judge Death, and in his eyes, all life is a crime! the super-fiend from Deadworld proves to be an implacable enemy, and Judge Dredd must work with Psi Judge anderson to save Mega-City one from a city-wide death penalty. Fearsome characters that have mainatained their popularity throughout the years thanks to the fantastic designs of Brian Bolland, the Dark Judges are determined to end all life in Mega-City one once and for all!


Dredd’s toughest opponents return in this cracking compendium that brings Anderson from Psi Division into her own as she battles the minions of justice from a long dead society. Its definitely a tale that really will grab you and keep you glued as the wonderful artwork blended with high action gives you what you crave. Add to the mix some solid storytelling and all round it’s a real gem, however as with the others the text is too small and you’ll need a bright light to make it easier to read.

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