Sunday, 16 December 2012

HISTORICAL URBAN FANTASY: Sherlock Holmes Vs Dracula - Loren D Estleman

Release Date: 09/11/12


A mysterious schooner runs aground in an English harbor. Its cargo is fifty boxes of earth; its only living passenger, a black dog. The captain’s body is lashed to the wheel—lifeless, drained of blood. Soon, a rash of bizarre nocturnal crimes terrifies London. It can only be the work of Count Dracula, and only one man can save the city: the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes.


For me, this was a book in the Sherlock Holmes Urban Fantasy series that I came back to after having read others and whilst I still loved the way that the author manged to weave a tale with the great detective into the known fiction of Stoker, I did feel a little cheated that some information that appears later didn’t within this text, especially when you realise from Stokers book that there was a wonderful opportunity to exploit from the final sequence.

Don’t get me wrong, it moves at a good clip, the Count and Holmes are well matched and when you throw Watson into the mix, you get a story that zings along at a solid pace with some wonderful twists. All in a book that I enjoyed spending the time reading and a good way to get a chance to try this innovative new series from Titan.

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