Monday, 3 December 2012

FUN THINGS: Reachers Rules: Life Lessons from Jack Reacher - Lee Child

Release Date: 08/11/12


My name is Jack Reacher. No middle name, no address. I've got a rule. People mess with me at their own risk. Rule 1: if in doubt drink coffee. Rule 2: never volunteer for anything. Soldier's basic rule. Rule 3: don't break the furniture. Rule 4: only have one woman at a time. Rule 5: be on your feet and ready. Rule 6: show them what they're messing with: hand-to-hand combat; travelling light; cracking codes; handling weapons; conquering your deepest fears; and understanding women.


Well my Grandad is a huge fan of Reacher so this book has been on my radar for quite some time, especially when you get to sit back and enjoy the rules that have helped shape the character through his myriad of adventures. It’s fun, it has a lot of useful tips and if you’re a fan of the hard man image it’s something that will hit the spot.

Throw into the equation a forward by Lee Child, some quirky additions like Man Toy’s and all round it is something that is going to give a lot of fun to the recipient.

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