Wednesday, 19 December 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Dark Legacy of Shannara 1: The Wards of Faerie - Terry Brooks

Release Date: 23/08/12


With the discovery of ancient powers, a legend begins ...There was an age when the world was young. It was a time before the coming of humans, a time when magic was the dominant power - and it was named the age of Faerie. Ever since this time, a bitter war has been raging between the forces of good and evil. And it was during this age that the Elfstones protecting the Elven race disappeared. They have been missing for thousands of years. Now a clue to their location may have surfaced in the ancient diary of a princess, and it will be the beginning of an adventure that no-one could have anticipated. This is the beginning of a breath-taking new series from the master of modern fantasy Terry Brooks. Returning to his core Shannara world, this spellbinding series will astound both seasoned Terry Brooks fans and those discovering his magical world for the first time.


I love spending time in the worlds of Terry Brooks and when a new series kicks off, you know that I’m there at the front of the cue to get my hands on an early copy as soon as I can. Firstly because they’re a damn fine read for the fantasy fan, and secondly if I don’t get to it quick enough my copy is stolen by a pilfering parent.

What occurs within this book is a story of adventure, of political machination backstabbing and also full of all the wonder that the reader has come to expect. Add to this solid prose, great characters and a whole new set of things to discover which all round made this a real treat to enjoy.

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Bob/Sally said...

It's been a long time since I've read any Brooks, but I'd like to get caught up. His recent adventures into history/backstory are intriguing.