Friday, 12 April 2013

FANTASY GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Slaine: Grail War - Pat Mills, Steve Tappin

Release Date: 11/04/13
Publisher:  2000AD (Rebellion)


Sláine MacRoth Celtic warrior and High King of the tribes of the Earth Goddess Danu, continues his journey through time. Sláine arrives in thirteenth century France, where he comes face to face with Crusader Simon De Montfort, the sworn enemy of the Cathars. While searching for the tortured reincarnation of his lover Niamh, Sláine is compelled to join forces with De Montfort in order to seek out the Grail Stone. The quest won t be easy, however Sláine will have to defeat the dark forces of El if he is to stand any chance of saving Niamh s soul!


A strange and weird trip into magick in the modern age as the past and present collide when a gift is opened within a soldiers mind though a terror attack. Its definitely strange and to be honest I liked the first part a lot more than the later as for me, it felt like it took a concept that was fascinating and flung it into the unknown.

Don’t get me wrong the storytelling worked wonderfully well, the artwork was beautiful and when added to the twisted minds at 2000AD, it all round was something that took you on an adventure but personally I’d have preferred it had they kept it to just the Neanderthal and the principle character. That was an idea I absolutely loved.

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