Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT REVIEW: The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need - Marian Singer, Trish MacGregor, Skye Alexander

Release Date: 18/09/12
Publisher:  Adams Media


Master the fundamentals of spellcraft Written by noted Wiccan authorities Marian Singer, Trish MacGregor, and Skye Alexander, this collection of spells is perfect for understanding the basics of Wiccan philosophy and ideology. Starting with a brief rundown of Witchcraft tools and symbols, this book helps you create spells for virtually every aspect of your life. This new edition includes essential information on: The Wheel of the Year: the eight major holidays (or sabbats) in the Witches' calendar Keeping a grimoire or Book of Shadows Meditation, visualization, and manifestation Magickal correspondences and properties of stones Spirit animals and totems How to join or create a coven Filled with more than 100 Wiccan spells that have simple instructions, this book contains everything you need to know in order to create spells that work.


I’m the sort of person that likes to keep an open mind when it comes to spirituality and rather than follow one particular doctrine or another I like to follow one simple piece of philosophy, that as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see, you’re doing well. So when I had the chance to sit down and read through a book that was more about promoting your own sense of well-being it was something I wanted to do.

This book follows the tenants of Wiccan and is aimed at helping the reader make their own life more fulfilling, through doing rather than being passive. Its brings your senses to the fore, increases your interaction through the world around you and allows you to make the most of the emotional aspects of those around you. It’s cleverly put together and more about following your own heart than listening to what is expected of you. It follows similar tenants to my own thoughts and is more about putting things into perspective rather than allowing you to sit back and be a passenger. All round a solid title.

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