Monday, 29 April 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Twilight Reign Short Stories: The God Tattoo - Tom Lloyd

Release Date: 18/04/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


Eleven stories that add further colour and shape to the epic story of the Twilight Reign series - this is an essential volume for Tom Lloyd's many fans. The history of the Land may remember the slaughter at Moorview or the horror of Scree's fall, but there were other casualties of the secret war against Azaer - more tales surrounding those bloody years that went unrecorded. In the shadow of memorials to the glorious dead, these ghosts lie quiet and forgotten by all but a few. A companion collection to the Twilight Reign quintet, these 11 stories shine a rather different light on the Land. Look past the armies and politics of the Seven Tribes and you will find smaller moments that shaped the course of history in their own way. But even forgotten secrets can kill. Even shadows can have claws.


Having really enjoyed Tom’s Twilight Reign, I was interested to see how this book would pan out, after all it’s a series of short stories and whilst a number of people love the idea, there’s a more sceptical audience that would wonder if it’s just a way to cash in on an already phenomenal series.

Well, I can answer the later part straight away, its not, these short stories are tales that have helped influence the world that never made it into the other titles, they have great characters, they help fill the world out more and with Tom’s writing style, they work wonderfully well on the readers imagination. Add to this great prose, a wonderful sense of pace which when backed with twists and turns that will keep you glued all round make this a wonderful title to dip into on your travels.

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