Monday, 1 April 2013

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit Girl - Mark Millar and John Romita

Release Date: 13/03/13
Publisher:  Titan


Hit-Girl spins off into her own blood-soaked saga! Mindy tries to settle down as a regular schoolgirl, but really wants to be dispensing justice to the scum of New York. She takes Kick-Ass on as her sidekick, and, in return,he is helping her to survive school - without spilling anyone's blood. But when Kick-Ass gets benched, leaving her to face the mafia solo, even Hit-Girl may be in over her head.


The toughest 12 year old is back and to be honest I can’t believe how much fun I got out of this title when it landed. As usual Millar’s dark humour comes through and with ironic death sequences, wonderful play on words with a second film coming to a big screen near you, really does give you something to have a lot of fun with.

Add to this wonderful illustrations to accompany this kickass story and all round it’s a book that is a whole lot of fun setting itself up nicely to be continued. All round a great read and one that I’ll be delving into again in the near future.

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