Sunday, 28 April 2013

THRILLER REVIEW: Prophet of Bones - Ted Kosmatka

Release Date: 25/04/13
Publisher:  Michael Joseph (Penguin)


Prophet of Bones is a thrilling novel by Ted Kosmatka. An ancient discovery. A hidden past. A deadly conspiracy to bury the truth. He was told his was the only name on their list. But for brilliant young anthropologist Paul Carlsson, asked to examine the cache of bones found on as remote Indonesian jungle island, fascination soon turns to fear. Because waiting for him east of Java is evidence of something that shouldn't exist; a revelation that if made public will turn scientific and religious orthodoxy on its head. If Carlsson discovers the truth too many powerful interests have far too much to lose. But not every prophet is without honour. And Carlsson, alone and on the run, is determined to reveal the discovery to a world in which the church and science have conspired to hide it. A world which, it's been proven, is only 5,800 years old...Prophet of Bones is Ted Kosmata's enthralling second novel. The Games showcased Kosmata's imaginative genius and Prophet of Bones is no different. Fans of Robert Harris, Michael Crichton and Sam Bourne will be hooked.


Thrillers are books that grab you and refuse to let go, taking the reader on an adventure that is fast paced adventure that keeps you gripped to the last page, and this latest title by Ted Kosmatka does all that and more. Delving into a similar style to Michael Crichton, this story is one that I not only had a lot of fun with but one that kept me going from start to finish, bringing in scientific elements to help the story keep credibility.

It’s fun, it has just the right amount of action and with a principle set of characters that not only keep the arc moving but lead to each successive step all round will give the reader a book that will entertain them for a few successive nights. Great stuff.

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