Tuesday, 30 April 2013

HISTORICAL URBAN FANTASY: Act Three of the Assassini: The Exiled Blade - Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Release Date: 30/04/13
Publisher:  Orbit


Venice stands victorious. It has beaten back the German emperor's army and the Byzantine navy. The Duchess Alexa's party at court is strong again. Her niece, Lady Giulietta, will be the next Regent, and possibly the next duchess. Giulietta's lover, Lord Tycho, will sit beside her. But no one is prepared for the fury of Prince Alonzo, exiled regent and traitor to his city. No one is prepared for the harshest winter Europe has ever known. As the canals of Venice freeze and wolves cross the ice from the north, Alonzo's plotting brings the Venetian empire to the very edge of destruction. With the Millioni family at war with itself, Lord Tycho, once a slave and a trained assassin, has to ask himself the only question that matters. How much is he prepared to sacrifice to keep Lady Giulietta's city safe?


Ahh, assassins, historical settings and of course Urban Fantasy aspects make this title not only fun to sit down with but one that you really can’t afford to pass up. Here within the pages Tycho has quite a few difficult choices to make as intrigue, double dealing and family vendetta’s add up to throw the world into turmoil with very few chance for the hero to get a happy ending.

As usual with Jon, the writing is crisp, the pace outstanding and when added to characters that you just love to spend time around all round leaves you turning the pages hoping that your favourites will survive. This series really has been a cracking set of releases over the last few years and definitely one that will be keeping its treasured spot upon my shelves.

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