Saturday 29 June 2013

ALTERNATE SCIENCE FICTION: Everness Book 2: Be My Enemy - Ian McDonald

Release Date: 06/06/13
Publisher:  Jo Fletcher Books


Everett Singh has escaped from his enemies with the Infundibulum - the key to all the parallel worlds. But his freedom has come at a price: the loss of his father to one of the billions of parallel universes in the Panopoly. E1 was the first Earth to create the Heisenberg Gate, the means to jump between worlds, but it was quarantined long ago. No one goes in...and nothing comes out. But E1 has something that Everett needs: the means to find his father. It's lucky that he has the support of Captain Anastasia Sixsmyth, her daughter Sen and the unique crew of the airship Everness, because Everett is about to discover the horrifying secret of E1 and, with it, his deadliest enemy.


Ian McDonald is one of those authors who knows how to weave a story that not only brings you in but keeps you glued to the last page with top notch prose, some wonderful twists and of course characters that you just can’t wait to spend time around.

Here within the second book of his Everness series is a story that develops not only what has gone before but helps to bridge the alternate universes with a hidden puzzle within the multiverse that really is as cunning as it is brilliant. Add to this great pace and all round it goes to show why Ian is a name not to mess with. Satisfying and fulfilling, Ian really delivers for the reader in a way that many others don’t. Great stuff.

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