Friday, 21 June 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Down Amongst the Dead Men - Steve Lyons

Release Date: 14/03/13
Publisher:  Black Library


On the nightmare world of Krieg, the elite Death Korps practise their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: those among the population unsuitable to join the regiments of the Imperial Guard. In the midst of a live-fire exercise, one of these human targets disobeys orders and follows the trail of a mysterious alien beast, one that could spell doom for all of Krieg if it is not stopped...


I love a 40K story that takes the reader deep into the human side of the eternal wars of Mankind in the name of the Emperor and for me as a reader that’s exactly what this tale by Steve Lyons does well. Whilst this title has been out for a while, its great that some of the amazing back catalogue is being brought to the reader through their e-reader.

It’s solid, has a cracking pace and when added to characters that keep you not only grounded but moving towards the goal all round makes this a book that really helps bring the Imperial Guard to the fore. Great stuff.

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