Thursday 13 June 2013

HISTORICAL URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Danilov Quintet 4: The People's Will - Jasper Kent

Release Date: 23/05/13
Publisher:  Bantam Press


The next moment he was upon him, his eyes blazing, his mouth open to reveal his fangs.

Osokin began to pray, not that he would live but that he would truly die . . .

Turkmenistan 1881: the fortress city of Geok Tepe has fallen to the Russians.

Beneath its citadel sits a prisoner. He hasn't moved from his chair for two years. Neither has he felt the sun on his face for more than fifty . . . although for that he is grateful.

Into this subterranean gaol marches a Russian officer. He has come for the captive. Not to release him, but to return him to St Petersburg - to deliver him into the hands of an old, old enemy who would visit damnation upon the ruling family of Russia: the great vampire Zmyeevich . . .

But there is another who has escaped Geok Tepe and followed the prisoner. He is not concerned with the fate of the tsar, or Zmyeevich or the officer. All he desires is revenge.

And other forces have a part to play. A group of revolutionaries has vowed to bring the dictatorship of Tsar Aleksandr to an end, and with it the entire Romanov dynasty. They call themselves The People's Will . . .


To be blunt whilst I enjoyed the first couple I’m really starting to find that the books are losing me as they’re spent with more explanations rather than concentrating on plot and keeping me glued as a reader. The writing whilst OK didn’t keep my attention, the characters felt more 2d rather than rounded and overall I felt that in places the plot lacked quite a bit of pace.

Don’t get me wrong, I did love the setting and whilst I’m not that familiar with the historical context, I love the uncertainty of knowing the survivability as well as how each of the plot aspects will play out. On this front its alright overall but on the whole I felt a little upset with the way that it feels like the series is spinning out of control.

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