Sunday, 30 June 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Love Minus Eighty - Will McIntosh

Release Date: 11/06/13
Publisher:  Orbit


A NOVEL OF LOVE AND DEATH, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER The words were gentle strokes, drawing her awake. "Hello. Hello there." She felt the light on her eyelids, and knew that if she opened her eyes they would sting, and she would have to shade them with her palm and let the light bleed through a crack. "Feel like talking?" A man's soft voice. And then her mind cleared enough to wonder: who was this man at her bedside? She tried to sigh, but no breath came. Her eyes flew open in alarm. The Minus Eighty ...Where millionaires browse the catalogue of icy women, judging on beauty ratings and revival costs. Where a freezer's gentle hum plays the background symphony for the world's most expensive first dates. Where death is only the beginning. Love Minus Eighty is a disquieting vision of our romantic future, as hopeful as it is horrifying, by a Hugo Award-winning author.


This is a book that really caught my attention with the premise and to be honest it’s a book that each page I read drew me in more and more. I loved the idea of the future technology that Will brought to the fore and to be honest I loved the human emotion that he invested within to prove that love can happen to anyone at any time (even in death.)

It’s a great read, the characters were not only believable but people I wanted to spend time with and when added to the bizarre future possibility (one that I could actually see happening) all round generated a story that I blitzed through without realising it. Add to this great prose, some wonderful dialogue which all round, with the arc made this a book that I really can’t recommend enough to other readers out there looking for an alternate science fiction title.

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