Monday, 3 June 2013

DYSTOPIAN SCIENCE FICTION: Life on the Preservation - Jack Skillingstead

Release Date: 28/05/13
Publisher:  Solaris


Inside the Seattle Preservation Dome, it’s always the Fifth of October, the city caught in an endless time loop. Outside, the world lies in apocalyptic ruin. “Reformed” graffi ti artist Ian Palmer is the only one who knows the truth, and he is desperate to wake up the rest of the city before the alien Curator of the living museum erases Ian’s identity forever.

Small-town teenager Kylie is one of the few survivors to escape both the initial shock wave and the poison rains that followed. Now she must make her way across the blasted lands, pursued by a mad priest and menaced by skin-and-bone things that might once have been human. Her destination is the Preservation, and her mission is to destroy it. But once inside, she meets Ian, and together they discover that the Preservation’s reality is even stranger than it appears.


I always look forward to something a little different and when you get a story told from two different perspectives the reader is given the chance to see the world through two different sets of eyes in order to get a fuller picture. The concept is wonderful, the idea’s explored give this the chance for a great apocalyptic dystopian title, but for me, the major problem was the delivery.

It felt that it wasn’t as rounded as it could have been, the pace was lacking in places and for me, the principle characters didn’t have enough hooks to make me really associate with them let alone care about their fates. All round I did like the idea but for me this title just didn’t work the way I wanted it to.

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