Saturday, 29 June 2013

HISTORICAL ROMANCE FICTION REVIEW: Mistress of the Sea - Jenny Barden

Release Date: 20/06/13


Plymouth 1570 Drake's ship, The Swan, sets sail for the New World with a crew of pirates hell-bent on Spanish treasure. Among them is Will Doonan seeking both his fortune and revenge for the loss of his brother. But unbeknown to all, young Ellyn Cooksley has stowed away. And her presence aboard ship will prove to be more tempting to Will than gold ...


OK, you’re looking for something specific, you want high sea’s action, a story of love and romance and mix it all up in Elizabethan England? Well that’s where this cracking title from Jenny Barden comes to the fore in this debut a long time in the making and to be honest the time that has been taken to polish it really does go to show the depth of not only research but love of the craft has gone into this book.

The history is believable with an almost miasma of the stench of the time attached. Its cleverly sculpted, grasps the reader deep into bossom of the title and really does give the reader a magical read that not only will thrill and enthral but makes the reader want to keep on reading long into the night. A great read.

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