Wednesday, 5 June 2013

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness - Mike Johnson and David Messina

Release Date: 10/05/13
Publisher:  Titan


The exclusive graphic novel prequel to this summer's blockbuster Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness! New characters and new conflicts threaten Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise in this all-new story overseen by Star Trek movie writer/producer, Roberto Orci


With so many getting excited about the new Star Trek film, this release from Titan will give the reader the chance to get to see the young Enterprise Crew as their futures develop with events changing their perspective. The illustrations are wonderful, the storyline getting to the heart of the matter and when backed with cracking colouring to really give you the full flavour of the universe.

All round a great addition and one that will give you a little something extra to ponder when things that were hinted at come to pass in the latest offering and all round will make you feel like you have one up on a lot of the audience. Magical.

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