Thursday, 27 June 2013

SCIENCE FICTION DVD REVIEW: Fringe Season 5 - Anna Tory, Joshua Jackson - Warner Home Video

Release Date: 13/05/13
Publisher:  Warner Home Video


All episodes from the fifth and final season of the sci-fi television drama, co-created by J.J. Abrams, following a team investigating cases of strange phenomena that exist on the fringes of science. In this season, which takes place in a dystopian world in the year 2036, the Fringe team attempt to carry out a plan to defeat the Observers but sacrifices will have to be made if they are to succeed. The episodes comprise: 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11', 'In Absentia', 'The Recordist', 'The Bullet That Saved the World', 'An Origin Story', 'Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There', 'Five-Twenty-Ten', 'The Human Kind', 'Black Blotter', 'Anomaly XB-6783746', 'The Boy Must Live', 'Liberty' and 'An Enemy Fate'.


OK, I probably shouldn’t have watched this as I haven’t seen any of the other series. But thanks to certain online sites I was able to catch up with what has gone before and sit back with a least a vague idea of what was happening.

For me, the storyline was pretty good, I loved the twists, the focus on the characters both emotionally and as the series worked up to its climax and also the way that the story was brought across. Add to this solid acting with a cast that you could get behind and believe what they were bringing to you and all round as a viewer I was more than happy. Defintiely something I will watch again, however I’m going to wait for reruns to get the fuller picture from season one.

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